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Dry Powder Type Fire extinguishers are very versatile and can put out virtually every kind of fire, however they aren’t recommended for use in enclosed spaces. Suitable for all Flammable Liquids, Gases, Machinery Fires, Electrical Fire.

Best Dry Powder Type Fire Extinguisher


Fire Extinguisher Capacity



Minimum Period for which throw of Jet Maintained

20 sec

25 sec

Minimum Period to Discharge
At least 90% of Contests

25 sec

30 sec

Range of Jet

4 mt.

6 mtr.

Empty. Wt. (Approx)

5.2 kg.

7.05 kg.

Full Wt. (Approx)

11.2 kg.

16.05 kg.

Fire Rating

3A, 34B

4A, 34 B

Working Pressure

15 bar

15 bar

Hydro Pressure

35 bar

35 bar

Brusting Pressure

55 bar

55 bar

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